In 1956, Lewis County Fire District 6 was established because of a fire at the Yard Birds that was outside the city limits. The first commissioners were Joe Kramer, Dean Murray and Howard Holt. The first Fire Chief was Noel Cole. 

The commissioners borrowed $20,000  to purchase an engine, equipment, and have little money to run the district for the year. The first engine was purchased May 1957. 

On May 01, 2001 the Advance Life Support (ALS) Program began. This new program allowed the district the ability to care and transport critically sick or injured patients.  

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

 Mission Statement
"Dedicated to the protection of life, property, and the environment through professional service to the patrons of our community."

Vision Statement
Our vision for the future growth and development of the organization is through adherence to our values. This will allow us to live our Mission Statement and be viewed as leaders in the service and protection of our patrons. 

Value Statement
We believe the greatest asset to the organization is our PEOPLE and the key to our success and effectiveness is their teamwork. 

  • Professionalism: The ultimate commitment to our organization and those it services is the dedication to professionalism in  our services and actions as members of the organization.
  • Efficiency: Effective training and preparedness are the keys to our ability to efficiently serve our patrons.
  • Opportunity: We believe in seizing opportunities for the continued improvement and growth of the organization and  community.
  • Pride: Pride in oneself and the Department are key in building a strong team. 
  • Leadership: We believe in strong positive leadership with vision towards the future. 
  • Empowerment: We believe that empowerment strengthens the organization, allowing individuals to excel by building trust  and mutual respect within the teams' membership.